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COR365 Information Solutions
2200 New Bern Ave
Raleigh, NC 27610
Sales Contact: Chris Kelley

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Patient Chart Storage Companies in Raleigh

Our associates in Raleigh are full service sources of patient records management including an expertise in :
*Offsite Storage
*Data Backup and Recovery

Our clean and secure facility allows you to better protect your critical patient data. We offer bar coded know how that allows the ability to manage your inventory via the internet.

Entities such as yours in Raleigh who are starting patient off-site storage projects have been contacting our members for years. These are the types of projects they need to solve.

"I have 30 file boxes with medical records in Raleigh, need to be compliant with medical record storage and easily accessible. Thanks!"

"We have outgrown our offsite storage unit just outside of Raleigh and have boxes of charts from 2002 to 2008. We have no room left in our office either. Looking for pricing on offsite medical chart storage"

"New record storage service provider north of Raleigh needed for storing medical charts 100 ft linear, 13 inches width, climate control, fire proof, personal access needed."